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The Firm

The Skars company was launched in 2013 with the goal of providing professional services in terms of investment measures and management. The market demand for such services was identified after years of observation in the area of large, infrastructure investments, where public institutions, financed mostly with European fund, perform as the Ordering Party and are restricted by numerous legal limitations. Simultaneously, the increase of investments in Poland was followed by incremental decrease of prices of construction works. In the normal course of events, those changes enforced the Contractor to enhance the level of control in the matter of investment measures, to assure success in terms of meeting the quantitative and quality aims.

Our response to this rising demand resulted in the establishment of the Skars team – a group of experts in terms of contract conditions and time management, in order to provide the compliance of the realization and formal obligation with consideration of the deadline, Clients’ preferences, current legal reforms and technological development.

Professional response to the needs of a modern management market.

The years we have worked.

The value of deals we have signed.

The kilometers of roads we have run.

The highways, water systems, gas pipelines, hospitals and museums we have helped to built.

The Team

The Skars team consist of people with years of experience in terms of supervising construction works and management of investments measure in different areas including road, environmental and specialized engineering. Our main advance is the interdisciplinarity and elasticity, which effect in our unexcelled ability to adjust the service to current demands. Skars’ constant engagement in variety of projects results in high level of knowledge and experience regarding current legal nuances and project management principles. Our skills and the high quality of provided services is further emphasized by participation in major professional organizations including Project Management Institute PMI® and Association of Consulting Engineers and Experts SIDIR, the official partner of FIDIC® in Poland.

We would like you to notice, that SKARS provided experts in terms of the realization of all key infrastructure projects nowadays, meaning Baltic Pipe and the planned construction of the Poland’s Central Communication Port. Such outcome became possible thanks to the experience the team has gathered participating in all of the previous projects, but also due to the development of interdisciplinary skills, that allow us to effectively and actively take part in the work of large, international teams

The ability to successfully combine the needs of our Clients is the foundation of our Team.

The Workshop

In the area of construction Time Management, the foundations of our activity are based on MSProject software. This enables a precise predefinition of critical path of the project, in order to successfully supervise the whole process basing on retrospective and prospective analysis. The usage of such workshops allow us to keep up with current methodic trends and to properly obtain information on risks and consequences of complications, that may arise during the investment process. The analysis is further fortified with the study evaluated value of the project (EVM) and allows for efficient statements about remedial actions and possible direction for restructuring of the investment process.

While managing the Variation, we base our work on specific analysis of the terms of the contract, the possibilities, benefits and risks in order to favor our Client during the negotiations process. Our up to date knowledge on current market prices in terms of construction works and management, combined with the usage of all available methods and workshops allows for successful support provided to the Client during the negotiations, with the consideration of all direct analysis and calculations.

Constant access to current law norms and reforms is provided by LEX platforms and consolidated by the support of our professional legal team. Due to this, we can reliably assure the aims of both sides of the contract during the planning, undertaking, evaluating and file processing the investment measures.

The ability to adjust proper workshop is a statement of high qualification.


The special place in our team is dedicated to the Subaru Impreza STi car, which is our greatest fellow member, when we participate in amateur car rally championships all over the region of Lower Silesia. Besides, we actively take up sports including triathlon, long-distance runs, sailing and skiing. The Skars crew are experts, however the systematic and reliable work is well combined with unique dedication to various individual hobbies. The activities undertaken in our free time are the reflection of our personalities.

Passion, passion, you’ve got to have a passion! … The only one to survive is the one, who creates their world.